DevAssistant 0.11.0

Long time no see, everyone! Even though it may appear that nothing much has happened in the world of DevAssistant, nothing is further from the truth. We have been working on improving DevAssistant features and planning new ones. We’re all looking forward to having the version 1.0 out, which will be a big milestone in DevAssistant’s life, but that’s still many weeks away, so in order to bring some of the features to you already, we release one more incremental update in the meantime.

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Improving DevAssistant: 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition!

At the DevConf conference in Brno, we announced the 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition. Slavek, DevAssistant’s Benevolent Dictator for Life, will reward with a beer (or an appropriate substitute drink) anyone who does one of the contributions specified in this e-mail on the mailing list before the star counter on GitHub hits 100 stars.

More details in the message found at

The competition is running with some 80 stars on the counter, and winners will be announced when 100 stars are reached.

Contribute to DevAssistant to win!

DevAssistant Container Support

As you may have noticed, DevAssistant has historically focussed on setting up the developer’s development on bare metal, or the actual operating system, if you will. Even now, this is a very popular way to develop your applications across languages. However, with the ascent of Linux Containers and Docker, it makes more and more sense to support development in a container, which is later deployed to production without further changes. This is the reason why we took up the challenge and built a proof-of-concept Django Assistant script (or simply Assistant), which is an example of a new functionality that will add significantly to the way DevAssistant works. Continue reading

Problems with Github Keys

So Github has decided to make Finer-grained OAuth scopes for SSH keys.

Generally, it is a great idea, but not really backwards incompatible. The Github OAuth tokens previously generated by DevAssistant will no longer work, since they don’t have the correct scope. And guess what, there is no way to change the scope when authenticating via an OAuth token.

To make long story short, all tokens previously generated by DevAssistant are broken. The recommended approach is to delete “github user” and “github token” entries in your ~/.gitconfig to be able to generate new ones (when you get DevAssistant build that fixes this bug).

We have a patch that makes DevAssistant work with the new scopes – it’s upstream and we also backported it to Fedora 20 DevAssistant build. We’re not planning to release maintenance 0.8.1 with this fix, unless some people actually ask us to (do ask us if you really want this!).