DevAssistant 0.9.2 Released – Colors & Bugfixes

Hello everyone, here we go with another batch of juicy DevAssistant-y goodness. In version 0.9.2, there were some ugly bugs fixed, most concerning back-end, and one very nice thing added: log colors. This way, if you encounter a nasty error or a warning, you’ll be able to spot them immediately due to their different coloring. Of course, if you redirect DA’s output into a file, all the color formatting will be stripped. The full list of changes can be viewed in CHANGELOG.

This is also the first release that diverges from master in the new release cycle that we talked about when v0.9.0 was out. Currently, there is some heavy development being done on the master branch, which we don’t want to include in the stable version, so if you want the latest and greatest, you can check out our new GitHub page.

This new version of DevAssistant is available on GitHub, and in Fedora 20, 21, and Rawhide.

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