Problems with Github Keys

So Github has decided to make Finer-grained OAuth scopes for SSH keys.

Generally, it is a great idea, but not really backwards incompatible. The Github OAuth tokens previously generated by DevAssistant will no longer work, since they don’t have the correct scope. And guess what, there is no way to change the scope when authenticating via an OAuth token.

To make long story short, all tokens previously generated by DevAssistant are broken. The recommended approach is to delete “github user” and “github token” entries in your ~/.gitconfig to be able to generate new ones (when you get DevAssistant build that fixes this bug).

We have a patch that makes DevAssistant work with the new scopes – it’s upstream and we also backported it to Fedora 20 DevAssistant build. We’re not planning to release maintenance 0.8.1 with this fix, unless some people actually ask us to (do ask us if you really want this!).

DevAssistant 0.8.0 Released – Now What?

DevAssistant 0.8.0 was released yesterday, bringing some cool stuff. In the past two months, we’ve been concentrating on making our inner APIs stable, so that everyone could easily create his own command runner or package manager or improve DevAssistant code otherwise. It was our main goal for version 0.8.0 and it seems we’ve done good.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about end users of DevAssistant: “assistant writers”, who write their own assistants, and “assistant users”, who use DevAssistant to actually do the stuff.

So while in 0.8.0 we’ve done most of the work to satisfy “assistant writers”, in 0.9.0 we will do the opposite – provide as much visible functionality for “assistant users” as possible.

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DevAssistant 0.7.0 – Hello World!

It’s been more than a half year since we got that little idea to create a piece of software that would help developers with everyday repetitive tasks. Nothing really new, nothing really unseen. We’ll just write couple of scripts, glue them together with Python and be done with it.

Turns out it’s not as simple as that :)

And so, after more than half a year, we have a growing project, we’re creating a website for it and I’ll probably no longer write about DevAssistant on my personal blog, since we have this one. And most importantly, some people actually use DevAssistant!

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