DevAssistant 0.9.1 Released – Our new logo

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are again with a new release. This time, an obligatory batch of bugfixes made its way into the release, but the headlines are stolen by the fact that DevAssistant has a new logo! And it is a proper one. It was crafted by the magnificent Mo, and through this post, we would like to thank her immensely.

DevAssistant Logo

The new DevAssistant logo.

The full info about the logo’s meanings etc. will be detailed at Mo’s blog, but in short, we can say that it is meant to symbolise a set square (or protractor triangle in US English), which is used in drawing boards, the letters D and A (for DevAssistant) and when put together in large numbers, the logo makes a scaffolding pattern, also related to developing.

The new version can be downloaded from Python Package Index as usual. However, if you want to have the nice GTK icon, you need to use the packaged version in Fedora (Available in rawhide, and also in updates-testing repository of Fedora 20. It will soon be available in the mainline repo.).

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