DevAssistant 0.8.0 Released – Now What?

DevAssistant 0.8.0 was released yesterday, bringing some cool stuff. In the past two months, we’ve been concentrating on making our inner APIs stable, so that everyone could easily create his own command runner or package manager or improve DevAssistant code otherwise. It was our main goal for version 0.8.0 and it seems we’ve done good.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about end users of DevAssistant: “assistant writers”, who write their own assistants, and “assistant users”, who use DevAssistant to actually do the stuff.

So while in 0.8.0 we’ve done most of the work to satisfy “assistant writers”, in 0.9.0 we will do the opposite – provide as much visible functionality for “assistant users” as possible.

In 0.8.0, we’ve added some more options and features into our assistant set:

  • Custom preparer assistant (da prep custom) can now fork projects on Github before cloning it locally. Also, it no longer requires the project to have a .devassistant file. This effectively enables you to fork and check out any project from Github in seconds.
  • A Github modifier assistant was added (da mod github), which can create a Github repo for your existing project.
  • Two modifiers for C projects were added, that add a header (da mod c header) or a library (da mod c lib) into
  • We now have a fully functioning DevAssistant preparer (da prep devassistant).
  • GUI got series of UX improvements (well, that just means that buttons make more sense, but it is better).

We’ve also added task assistants, that will be responsible for doing custom tasks not related to any specific project, but this category remains empty for now.

Internally, 0.8.0 is very different from 0.7.0:

  • There are standardized and tested APIs for command runners and package managers, so you can write your own easily. Give it a try and send us a pull request!
  • The Yaml “assistant language” was refactored and separated from assistants, it got support for complex expressions evaluation.
  • Support for installation of dependencies through Arch’s Pacman was added.

And we’ve also written some more docs, just check it all out!

For version 0.9.0, I would like to implement two big features (yeah, these are for the “assistant users”):

  • docker support (some containers for your development)
  • support for dependencies versioning

And if you think you have a great thought about a cool functionality for DevAssistant, you’re probably right. Just hack it up and send us pull request or let us know and we’ll do it ourselves.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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